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Day 9

Day 9

sunny 10 °C

On the road by 7am this morning. The colours in the sky from the sunrise were like nothing I've ever seen before. Over the course of about 45 min I managed to take quite a few pics. ( a few attached)
About 1 hr into my drive, I was pulled over by the police, YES I was speeding! lol
107 in a 80. He let me go with a warning. Thank God! The ticket would have been over $400( he told me) Thank you Derrick:) Needless to say, I went the speed limit all the way to Thunder Bay!
I took a few pictures on route of the big sky, cumulus clouds and the trees in fall colours.
Ontario is very different from BC but beautiful in its own way!
Fatigue was starting to set in just as I was arriving into Thunderbay. I actually felt quite crappy but still went the hotel gym for a quick cardio session. After, I showered, ate and spoke with my special people. I definitely felt better. Not sure if I'll make the 15 hr trek tomorrow. I've been given some sage advice , and I will listen to it !!
No sunset tonight!

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Day 8

Day 8

sunny 11 °C

6:40! Not too far off the mark. NOW ....truth, I actually got on the highway around 7:05. My sense of direction is crap.LOL Karen and Marshall gave me very clear instruction but I didn't follow that instruction. I was looking for a sign that read east , I wasn't going to find a sign that said east. So I ended up doing a giant loop that took me 20 minutes out of my WAY . UGH! LOL I still got some great pics of the sunrise though!
Other than listening to my enormous playlist and singing as loud as I wanted, the highlight of the trip from Calgary to Manitoba was when I almost ran over a chipmunk. The highlight being that I did not, the chipmunk managed to stay under the center of the car and when I looked in my rear view mirror the little guy stood on its hind legs and looked around. Too cute. ( I think it was a chipmunk, not sure what else it could be. LOL)
Bought a lottery ticket in Saskatchewan, I may be "set for life" and not know it ! ( haven't scratched yet)
I made it to Brandon Manitoba as the sun was beginning to set, incredible!
Made a trip to the hotel gym, ordered some dinner and spoke with some special people once I arrived at the hotel.
Thank you again to Karen and Marshall❤❤ for a wonderful stay in Calgary, and thank you both for getting up super early to see me off and Karen for helping me take ALL OF MY THINGS (LOL) to the car. Sorry you had to climb the stairs back up to your apartment!

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Day 7

Day 7

sunny 18 °C

One of the things I've enjoyed while I've been in Calgary has been the sunrises and sunsets. Like everywhere, it happens quickly so one needs to be ready or awake. LOL ( pic attached)
Headed to the gym in the apartment building this morning for 30 minutes of cardio.
Last time I was here we went golfing, something Karen and Marshall quite enjoy. I had been once in my life, now its been a total of 3. They say I have done pretty well for a beginner, my brother another avid golfer would probably disagree. LOL
Wether or not its true, Karen and Marshall's praise and words of encouragement were nice to hear❤ ( pics attached) We teed off at 10:50 am for 9 holes. The course was a par 3 so for those of you that don't know golf, if one parred they would score 27 for the game. I scored 53. ( scorecard attached) Which again for those of you that don't golf, that's NOT a good score. LOL It was still a great time, even though Karen and Marshall kicked my butt.
Made a trip to Costco , its a dangerous store. I didn't need anything , but that changed after about 30 seconds of being inside. LOL We ate lunch at 4th Spot, we went there the last visit as well. Karen and Marshall entertained me with stories of their life and family. Had some really good belly laughs!
It only took me an hour and a half to pack up all that I brought with me. I swear I'm not high maintenance. LOL
Made my hotel reservations for the next 2 stops. Ready to carry on with my Solo road trip! 6:30 am is the goal to be on the road tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know if that happens! LOL.

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Day 6

Day 6

all seasons in one day

Up a little earlier today, 6:30 am.( Pic attached) Karen and I had a reservation at the gym for 8am. It was pretty cold this morning, almost needed gloves at 5 degrees! We both had great workouts today! ( pic attached)
We headed down to the Pie Junkie ( pic attached) On my last visit here, just a little over 2 months ago, Karen and Marshall took me to this AMAZING place. Food lovers , this place would get you excited!! The pastry is to die for.We decided to get one mini pie each. I chose pumpkin and Karen chose the salted caramel and honey. OH MY GOD!!! Incredible. We shared ( pic attached)
While we puzzled( Pics attached) and drank tea the pies were thoroughly enjoyed
Even though we exercised in the AM and walked to get the pies, we went for another 50 minute walk. By this time it was now 24 degrees outside. October 1st and beautiful! The leaves were falling, the river was rivering and the colors of fall were everywhere.( pic attached)
We went to Wellington's for dinner, a really good reason to get dressed up! ( pic attached) I ordered one of my favorite things as previously mentioned, french onion soup. Super good. I had steak neptune for the main course. In case you don't know, that is filet mignon, asparagus and crab topped with hollandaise sauce. Very tasty! No dessert required....lol( pics attached)
Driving home we went through downtown and caught a pic of the city up close and it was a full moon tonight ( pic attached)
Another awesome day with 2 of the greatest people I know❤❤

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Day 5


overcast 17 °C

I caught the amazing sunrise this morning!! Pic attached.
Karen and I headed to the gym for our 9am reserved time. Did my homework from Dallyn and Alana!! Uhg!! LOL Came back to have a good breakfast!

I found out that my Uncle Mickey passed away today and my cousin is in intensive care. My thoughts and prayers are with all of my family❤❤❤❤❤
My motivation for coming home now is because of family. We just never know how long we have! At the end of our individual journeys it will be the memories of time spent with the ones we love and care about, beiit family or friends. Love like your life depends on it!❤ Say the things you want to say❤

We ran some errands today. Drove into downtown Calgary, passed the grounds where the stampede is held. When the stampede is running again I will definitely be here!! Karen and Marshall love it and recommended that I join them the next time????
We ate a wonderful roasted chicken that Marshall made for dinner.
We puzzled a little today and watched some TV. Definitely a relaxing day!
I've attached a pic of the moon tonight. Magnificent view!

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