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September 2020

Day 5


overcast 17 °C

I caught the amazing sunrise this morning!! Pic attached.
Karen and I headed to the gym for our 9am reserved time. Did my homework from Dallyn and Alana!! Uhg!! LOL Came back to have a good breakfast!

I found out that my Uncle Mickey passed away today and my cousin is in intensive care. My thoughts and prayers are with all of my family❤❤❤❤❤
My motivation for coming home now is because of family. We just never know how long we have! At the end of our individual journeys it will be the memories of time spent with the ones we love and care about, beiit family or friends. Love like your life depends on it!❤ Say the things you want to say❤

We ran some errands today. Drove into downtown Calgary, passed the grounds where the stampede is held. When the stampede is running again I will definitely be here!! Karen and Marshall love it and recommended that I join them the next time????
We ate a wonderful roasted chicken that Marshall made for dinner.
We puzzled a little today and watched some TV. Definitely a relaxing day!
I've attached a pic of the moon tonight. Magnificent view!

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Day 4


sunny 17 °C

I haven't figured out why yet.........3 -3:30 AM has been my wake up time for the last little while and I must say its annoying as hell!!!
Eventually I fall back to sleep but as previously mentioned annoying as hell! lol
7:45 wake up time today.
I love Karen and Marshall's home , one of my favorite places is the book corner. It has a window and a couple small benches and its my go to place when I get up in the AM ( Some of you know this already but this isn't the first time , I've stayed here) I like to sit in the quiet and write in my journals. Karen usually isn't too far behind me, she makes us coffee and then we sit and chat. Wonderful way to start the day!!

Ate some breakie and then went down to the gym in the building. Can't slack on the workouts! Well I could ......but sure as shit, I'd pay for it later so best to keep my "normal" routine as much as possible!!!

Karen had something she had to do so Marshall and I went for lunch. Italian ( might just be a favorite of mine) In fact I've been to 4 really great Italian restaurants in the last month or so. Went for a walk by myself at the river after lunch, a beautiful part of Calgary!
Karen and I are puzzling again, 3000 pieces. Marshall poured us a glass of wine and we chatted about the usual things, family, friends, life, love, whats important❤
Had amazing French onion soup for dinner that Karen made from scratch, with COBS french baguette crustinis inside.....mmmmm ( another favorite of mine).
We watched the first presidential debate.
Its been a great day! I am attaching a few more pics from the day and a video of the river. Pic 1 workout, pic 2 me and my appies, pic 3 Marshall and I, pic 4 walk at the river( if I move here, I will live in this area), pic 5 I try but selfies are not my thing.....lol, pic 6 look closely at the stairs and I hope you all do this❤, pic 7 the penthouse from the street, pic 8 the sun beginning to set.

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End of day 2 into day 3

Vancouver to Calgary

sunny 14 °C

My 2nd night in Vancouver ended with an amazing dinner, first time ever having a lobster tail. I went to Pier 7 , walking distance from Karen and Marshall's. Great view and great food! My Last night in Vancouver was awesome!!!
I attached 5 photos from today, sunrise as I was leaving Vancouver at 7am, 2 pics from the drive and the last 2 are the view from Karen and Marshall's home in Calgary. I arrived just in time to catch the sunset around 7pm. I've unpacked, it may have taken me a while! LOL!!
New goal, learn how to pack light???? Karen and Marshall asked if I was moving in???????? My excuse......i don't know what the weather will be, so I brought almost everything I own!! Yes, overboard, I know????????????
We had a wonderful dinner of Shepherds Pie and veggies, watched a little TV and I'm feeling a really good sleep coming????????????

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Remainder of day 1 and day 2

semi-overcast 17 °C

I arrived at Karen and Marshall's around 8:15 pm. Bruce was there when I arrived and we ended up going out for dinner. We went to Bravo Cucino. We were lucky enough to get the last open table. Great food , shrimp appetizer, veal marsala , creme brule for dessert and great company????. Wonderful way to end day 1!!!

Day 2
Whats better than to spend most of the morning laying in bed? Can't remember the last time I did that! Having no plans for the day also afforded me to take a little nap in the afternoon as well???? It's a vacation, isn't that what your supposed to do?
Went out late in the afternoon to pick up some turkey and cheese to make my sandwiches for my trip to Calgary tomorrow. I went to the farmers market 2 minutes from the apartment. The 2 pics I took today were the view of the city from the market and the view from the apartment. Both spectacular! The outing for sandwich stuff turned into, finding some new face masks pink, blue polka-dot, red polka-dot and one with fruits,set for life lottery tickets, chocolate truffles and a 30,000 point visit to Shoppers Drug Mart! LOVE the optimum point program!! BTW I found a book that I read as a child, ARE YOU THERE GOD ITS ME MARGARET!! What a find???? Ages 8 -12 WTF I'll read it again anyways????

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My solo trip from BC to Ontario

Day 1

semi-overcast 13 °C

Its been a super long day, woke up at 3:15 am and couldn't fall back to sleep! Final moving day today. Other than being awake at that time of the morning, the day was going really well. It wasn't until 2:00 pm when I realized that I was not going to make the reserved ferry if I didn't cancel my massage. I needed 45 more minutes to somehow magically appear, and as we all know that wasn't going to happen!!! It was either leave the house a mess and potentially not get back my damage deposit or cancel my massage. It was a tough choice, truly!! As it turns out its was the best descion and even having that extra hour, I still wasn't ready on time......ugh!
I put my face on in my car at the ferry terminal!! Its been a REALLY long time since I've felt that stressed. It used to be a normal occurrence , today it felt awful. So, grateful that I don't live my life like that anymore???? The ferry was also running late!
But I did get a pic of a beautiful sunset. Not sure how to attach it yet. First blog ever! I'll be arriving in Vancouver in about 20 minutes. A few more hours and day 1 of about 30 will be complete. I'm super excited???? the trip has finally begun!

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